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Elk Run Opossum

Utility Test Prize I 204/204 Points

Owned and Trained by Bryan Guillory

Fargo, North Dakota 8/26/2018


(Elk Run Jack of All Trades X Etoile de la Benigousse)

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

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Owned and Trained by Elk Run Kennels



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Elk Run Kennels



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Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine Patty Versatile Championship
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"Patou du Pech du Cayrol, Verdatile Champion"

Lonn Kuck

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"Chuck" just misses Prize I in his Utility Test, and only 15 months old!

August 30, 2015  ─ Notus, Idaho

UT Prize II, 184/204 Points

"So close but yet so far away"

Elk Run Jack of All Trades

(VC Elk Run Yukon Jack X Aspen Ridge Annette MH)

"Chuck" was in position to earn a Prize I with just the Retrieve of Dragged Game component to complete.  He completed the track, but remembered he's only a puppy and decided to throw the duck a few times,  maybe more before he decided to complete the retrieve.  Better luck next time.

"Katie"Becomes First AKC Master Hunter!

March 21, 2015 ─ Kennewick, WA

Aspen Ridge Annette Master Hunter

(Elk Run Quiggley X Elk Run Kandy Corn)

"Strider" Earns Versatile Champion Title!

Becoming the First American Bred Versatile Champion and only the Second Bourbonnais to Achieve this Title

September 14, 2013 ─ Bloomingdale, OH

Owned and Trained


Matt Lurken, MN

Versatile Champion Elk Run Yukon Jack

The most talented bird dog bred by Elk Run Kennels

Versatile Champion Elk Run Yukon Jack

(Vegas du Pontelle de Maicou X Venus du Pontelle de Maicou)

Owned and Trained by Matt Lurken, SD


"Patty" — NAVHDA's First Versatile Champion!

September 4, 2005 ─ Forest Lake, MN

Patty - First Versatile Champion

Versatile Champion Patou du Pech du Cayrol

(Luron du Pontelle de Maicou X Gessie du Pech du Cayrol)

"Izzy" — In Just Three Weeks Second Bourbonnais to Receive a Maximum Score of 204 Points in Utility Test!

June 26, 2005 ─ Cheyenne, WY

Izzy Second Bourbonnais to Earn Prize I Utilty Test

Savane du Pontelle de Maicou

(Ocky  X Nana du Pontelle de Maicou)

"Shorty" — First Bourbonnais to Receive a Maximum Score of 204 Points in a Utility Test!

June 4, 2005 ─ Notus, ID

Shorty earns first maximun score in Utillity Test

Sherrif des Bois de la Mariniere

(Oscar de la Crios Saint Loup  X Porporina du Pech du Cayrol)

Gone but Never Forgotten

Still our Favorite

Excellent Hunter, Better Companion with Unparalleled Personality


Moliere du Pontelle de Maicouc

(Extra du Pontelled de MaicoueX Junon du Pontelle du Maicou)

"Rudy" — First Bourbonnais to Receive a Prize I  in a Utility Test with a Score of 201/204 Points!

August 26, 2001 ─ Ogden, UT

Sired by Extra the Most Titled Bourbonnais in History of the Breed

The Ultimate Bird Finder, Point Intensity Unmatched

"Bessie" — First Bourbonnais to Pass NAVHDA Utility Test, Prize II 200/204 Points

August 18, 1996 ─ Ogden, UT

"Little Miss Perfect"

Bessie first Utility Bourbonnais

The Impetus for Our 25 Year Passion in the Development of the Breed

Phantom's Belle La Bette

(Dalton de la Benigousse X Deesse de la Benigousse)

 2015, Elk Run Kennels, 10399 Rolling Hills Dr., Star, Idaho 83669, 208-286-9638