Welcome to Elk Run Braque du Bourbonnais We are located in Star, Idaho, approximately 25 miles west of Boise. Established in 1991, Elk Run Kennels has been involved in the development of the Braque du Bourbonnais longer than any other kennel outside their native land of France. We currently have eight Bourbonnais with whom we share our home and hunt. You can meet all of them here on their respective pages. This website is a reflection of our passion for this special breed and our history with their development in North America. We became involved with the Braque du Bourbonnais because we wanted a bird dog that was different. The operative words here are "bird dog", we hunt our dogs. The Bourbonnais met our objective as they are unique. The Bourbonnais is an easy to live with talent in a small package. They are very sweet, serene and affectionate dogs, well suited for life as home companions for a family that hunts. We took a risk with the Bourbonnais. Now, with over 25 years of hunting over these little dogs, we have no regrets. Our dogs can hold their own with the best. They have provided lasting memories of successful hunts for an array of upland species across Idaho. Epic pheasant hunts in both Dakotas will never be forgotten, and there is nothing better than a respite from an Idaho winter than a desert quail hunt in Arizona. However, nothing over the past 25 years tops our nearly annual Montana sharptail hunts in September, the perfect bird to introduce young dogs to wild birds. And the thrill of an occasional point over a Montana turkey provides the ultimate bragging rights for a pointing dog enthusiast. Training these dogs has become a disease with us. We particularly enjoy the challenge of preparing these dogs for the various hunt test levels sanctioned by the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. These tests offer progressively more challenging goals for us, keeping us outdoors and active throughout the year while building a special bond with each of our dogs. In the end, these tests result in an efficient, reliable hunting dog that hunts with manners in all hunting conditions and situations. Equally important, these hunt tests provide you, and us, an independent and objective evaluation of the hunting strengths and weaknesses of each of our dogs. Along the way we have earned nine Prize I Utility titles on our dogs, and have bred ten of the twelve Bourbonnais that have successfully passed this level of hunt test. Our "Pattyā€¯ became the breed's first Versatile Champion in 2005 and we bred the first American bred and only the second Bourbonnais to earn Versatile Championship. And our "Katie" became the first Bourbonnais to earn a Master Hunter title offered by the American Kennel Club. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy your time with us! Lonn and Ann Kuck


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